Conscious Health Solutions is a story about your future. Your story begins with a vision about how you can transform your body, mind, spirit and wealth to total health. Conscious Health Solutions believes strongly in your vision. We’re here to help you learn how to unleash your power to heal and become the C.E.O. of your own health. Through proven methods, the information you share with Conscious Health Solutions will assist to guide you toward total health. WHY? At Conscious Health Solutions we begin your story by calling you our C.E.O. Chief Empowered Optimist. Although our Conscious Health Doctors have traditionally treated patients, they don’t believe in calling you a patient anymore because the word patient means “to suffer.”  Our Conscious Health Teams™ are here to serve you. We are your expert guides and navigators. We’re here to motivate and support your life. We don't give you Bandaid® sick care. We’re here to proudly declare that you have the power of choice in every aspect of health and healing. And we’re here to show you how to get there.  That’s why we call you our C.E.O. WHAT? For us, your health is not merely the absence of disease. Your health means living a life of abundance, joy, happiness and love. We participate in your health by: HOW? Our Conscious Health Teams™ and Conscious Health Doctors / Certified Personal Health Strategists™ collaborate to co-create your best life ever. They serve as navigators and partners, always working with the root causes of your physical or emotional diseases. At the end of your personal Health Empowerment Journey™, you’ll have a customized, life-long health plan that serves as the foundation of vitality for the rest of your life. At Conscious Health Solutions, it’s important to us that our C.E.O.’s succeed, not only in physical health, but in all aspects of their lives. WHO? Today’s healthcare system stops you from creating long-term, trusting partnerships with your doctor. Trust in each other is the foundation of life and health.  Our Certified Personal Health Strategists™ will be with you for life. Our Conscious Health Team™ includes board-certified physicians who have been specially trained to work in a healing paradigm of integrated health. They don’t give you a long list of things to do. They don’t believe in one pill fits all. They don’t believe in ordering an endless number of tests and giving you disease diagnosis to disempower you. They DO believe in you and your success is being determined by your ability to attain the purest level of integrated health. We’re here for you in health.  As in life, your success in health benefits from a successful partner with a successful plan. Be Conscious. Be Health™.